Girly Car Accessories

Girly car accessories are much more popular than they used to be which is why the available range of accessories is so extensive. If you are a girly girl and are thinking of modifying the appearance of your vehicle to reflect this you will be happy to know that you are not alone. There are many very feminine and pretty cars out there that have been specially customized by their owners with the same intentions. Repainting your car can of course be an expensive exercise. Luckily there is no need to spend an absolute fortune, you can change the whole vibe of your vehicle by adding a few gorgeous car accessories for girls.


There are many girly car accessories that can add a feminine charm to your vehicle without breaking the bank. Even if you only have a few dollars, with the right planning you can make a big impact with a small budget. A good first step is to decide on the theme or colour scheme you want to use. If you are having trouble deciding, browsing the web is a great way to get some ideas. This website is a great start!

Girly Car Accessories

Girly Car AccessoriesMost car accessories designed for girls are car accessories that you might find on a males car, but with a feminine twist. This might mean making it pink in color, adding glitter or fur, having a feminine associated brand or character, etc. These types of accessories include things like decals, cell phone holders, seat covers, steering wheel covers, seatbelt covers, shifter knobs and gloves, air fresheners and decorations such as fuzzy dice. Some accessories however, are created uniquely for the female market. Although these types of car accessories are not very common, they do exist. One example of a car accessory that’s almost exclusive to girls is the ‘headlight eyelashes’.

Colour Scheme Ideas

Most girls already have an idea of the colors they like and what they want to do in their cars. In case you’re still deciding however, we’ve listed some cool color combinations below.

Pink and white work well together, the pureness of white combines really well with a beautiful girly shade of pink.

Lemon and lilac. This is an interesting colour combination that can add old school style vintage charm to your girly car accessories.

Car Accessories for GirlsPink and black. This classic combination is very fashionable and you can use either a bright pink or a pale pink, even mixing your pinks and using a few different shades will work well.

Red and pink. This combination says foxy and girly at the same time, it is a great way to represent different facets of your personality.

Black and white. This combination may not sound like a very feminine choice for girly car accessories, however there are some very cute girly pieces available in pretty whites and they appear even prettier when teamed with a flat colour like black that highlights their appeal.

Deep Purple and white. A lot of girls prefer to use purples instead of pinks when decorating. It is definitely a funky alternative if you want to invest in girly car accessories with an edge.

No matter what colors or themes you decide to go with, you’ll have ample of options when it comes to girly car accessories.